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Submissions for new print media design competition are set for January

It will soon be time to celebrate the best in the region’s print media design space. A regional competition aims to promote creative excellence and share with everyone the best works from last year.

To be selected by a jury of leading industry professionals, the first edition received more than 650 entries out of which 160 were selected for consideration. The judges can issue awards in the gold, silver bronze categories as well as name those for SND20 Special recognition.

There will be 11 gold, 26 silver and 21 bronzes. The winning entries are to feature in an e-book — ‘The Best of Middle East News Design’ — and available as a free download on iTunes. The e-book will also feature interviews with design directors and managing editors of leading publications in the region, as well as the views of the judges.

The category of illustration and features had the highest winner representation with 42. “The pages I have seen are absolutely great,” said Hans Peter Janisch, one of the judges and a design consultant from Germany. “No matter if its news, features or any other category they have stunning illustrations. I was really impressed with the features and illustration categories, some of the works made me laugh in a good way.”

The competition is open to all publications, magazines and newspapers from the region. Entry deadlines are set for January 2014 and will evaluate works produced during 2013. Graphic designers and design editors can start collecting their best works and submit the original pdf.


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